The End & The Beginning

I guess that’s it Dear readers. I am home. I am very thankful for the time I spent in beautiful New Zealand. I will never forget that time!

I would like to thank all the people who helped me on my way in New Zealand – THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Especially I would like to thank my parents, if not them I would never be able to make a trip like that.

I traveled with GoExplore and they were always there for me, IEP organization is a good connection as well. Very helpful and can answer almost all the questions. What I want to say is that of course you pay much more when you book everything with an organisation as GoExplore but for a first major travel like that it is for sure worth it. But now I learned how things work so in the future I will make everything on my own.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed to follow with me around New Zealand. I l-o-v-e-d that country and Learned A Lot!

This is the End of my journey, the end of this chapter in my life. In the same time the beggining of the new one. I am a different person now and I am ready to create an awesome future!






Last day in Auckland

Started the day with Germany – Argentina football game. I was supporting Germany and quite happy that they won – well deserved!

After saying good bye to my dear family Tywman(I will miss you so much!) me and Anton took a bus in to the city. Checked in at base, finished some paperwork(banking and tax refund), shopped souvenirs and walked around Auckland to enjoying for the last time for now.







Two days left

Oh god. I only got two days left before I fly back home… Unbelievable.

I sold my lady today. Officially. Take a good care of her William. I will my you my dear, thanks for driving me to all the beautiful places in New Zealand.

Once all the purchase paperwork been done we took a bus towards Howick where Janelle’s and Mark’s house is.
We are staying here tonight. Ah, my lovely kiwi family, I am so happy to see you again, it feels like home even trough it is on the other side of the earth. Thank you for being so kind and just being such good people who you are, you make my heart warmer! Thank you.

We had a great dinner together. I made Olivje for everyone to try. Yummy food and desert, amazing relaxed atmosphere and so much laugh!





7 months in New Zealand

Today I’ve been in New Zealand for exactly seven months. Can’t believe it. Very good and important time in my life.

We are still staying at Williams house.

I got accepted to the university today – as I wanted civilengineering in design and product development.

Today we went for a walk and after to the cinema to watch a movie. We watched “How to train your dragon 2” and honestly it was a very very good movie! Had tears in eyes couple of times and such a strong good feeling afterwards!

William got the money sorted and I sold my lady… Oh god, I will miss my dear Camry!




Four days left

Before leaving Tauranga we went to Mt Manganui to enjoy it.

Took a long time to get in to the Auckland because of the traffic.

Bough a new mirror and changed braking plates and washed my love today. She has to be pretty to before I see her.

Looks like I got a buyer and tonight me and Anton are staying at his house. Nice Maori guy.








East cape & Back to Tauranga

Had alarm ringing at six o’clock but it was so dark, couldn’t see anything, rainy and windy as well. We chose a great day to watch sunrise. I woke up Anton and we together decided not to go while it is dark because it is dangerous and we would probably not see anything because of the clouds.

So we skipped to watch the sunrise but we still went up to the lighthouse to take a look at the view.

After a long drive I was finally back to Tauranga! Unbelievable! So many memories and good emotions and it is such a nice place! Met Lena, ah so great to see you again! 🙂 Even Ken and Angelina remember me, first thing Ken asked was:” so did you manage to make 400 000 km yet?” Haha, he remembers! It only feels like yesterday but actually I left Tauranga more then four months ago! Ahh, nice to be back. Just for a day, but still nice! 🙂

So we checked in to the hostel had a quick shower and then drove to buy some beeeer! Had a dinner in Lena’s house and moved to our room to continue drinking and partying after nine pm. We even went out and spent some hours in a strip club where I met Adam(pianist from my very first job in NZ). So funny! 🙂

Great night, so much fun! So happy to meet Lena and it feels a bit like home to be in Tauranga. 😀










Six days left

We had to say good bye to Tava’e, unfortunately for a long time but you never know when our paths will cross again but I am for sure looking to this moment. For now I wish you safe travels my friend!

From Taupo we drove to Rotorua to Whakarewarewa living Maori village where we enjoyed the native culture.

Fish n chips for lunch – a very good one and very cheap, totally satisfied! Next stop was at the kerosene creek to take a bath in a boiling river 🙂

And after all the activities the last task for the day was to make it all the way to the east cape so tomorrow we can go and see the sunrise! 🙂 very long and exhausting drive to be honest, couldn’t wait to arrive.






We arrived in Taupo just after the lunch time. It was great to meet Tava’e – so many emotions and great memories. We got accommodation for free! Contacts you know 😉

Tava’e was working so me and Anton walked around the Taupo, of course we took a look at the huka falls and walked next to the waterfront of the lake.

Later in the evening I cooked dinner for us three. We bough some beer and had a great evening together drinking eating and laughing.






Mount Taranaki

On the 7/07/14 me and Anton decided to make Fanthams peak track at the mount Taranaki which is second highest peak after the summit. It is 1980 meters high mountain covered in snow and you need a proper alpine equipment to go all the way up. Well it was a long and amazing day, I can tell you that we been about 30meters away from the top of the peak. We had an amazing sunny and clear day. First part of the track is about 8 000 stairs. Then snow stones ice etc. very exciting hike – a memory for life! We did well 🙂

After seven hours hiking both were dead and the only thing we wanted is a shower and bed. Checked in at Ducks and drakes hostel in New Plymouth.

















We were quite tired but had to get up quite early because I had to meet up with Alan and hand over tow bar kayak support, yes, I managed to sell it 😀

Anton had to see the capital so we took it easy, walked around, had a cup of coffee, visited Te Papa and just enjoyed the sunny day in beautiful Wellington!

After saying good bye to Wellington we drove towards Stratford(small city next to mt Taranaki) with a stop for a lunch in Wanganui.